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How to remove muffler on 2022 R1250 GS?

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I'm thinking of removing the passenger pegs. The left side seems straight forward. The right side doesn't have much room and would require removal of the muffler.

I saw this thread from 2019 but they were not specific with how to remove the muffler. Do I need to just remove the 3 bolts in the attached picture (see red arrows) and then move the muffler aside to get access to the two bolts on the right side passenger peg mount? It sounds a little too simple and might bend something causing some leak in a seal.

Thanks in advance,

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No Dennis, you need to unfasten the muffler from the inlet pipe.
If you will PM me your email address I will try to send you some pictures/instructions from a tech manual.
Thanks! Doesn’t looks too hard but will spend some time looking over the pages and the bike to see what I’m in for. Too humid today for me to do much.

And do it with warm pipes. Take it to the ride, stop and wait a bit for the pipes to cool down to "very warm". Not burning hot because you'll burn your hands and not cold because you'll have diffulty separating the pipes.
Interesting. I didn't know this. I've done a few muffler swaps on a few bikes (2010 FJR and 2008 FZ6) and I didn't notice much difficulty. I'm guess expansion with a little heat helps loosen things.

And one more advice, put exhaust sealant where pipes join. You don't want leaking joint.
I got the pegs off but I ended up not removing the muffler. I bought some L shaped allen wrenches . It was a little annoying turning the bolt about 1/3 of a turn at a time but they came off with some time; the left side was trivial.
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