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When I purchased my 2020 1250 GS I bought the Bren Stage 1 tune a few days later. I had Bren flash the ECU on my K1600 GT, and it took that bike from un-rideable to rideable. Truth be told there is nothing wrong with the stock tune on the 1250 IMHO. So, why spend some pretty healthy coin on a tune? Well first I felt the shifting on the bike was notchy, especially between 1st and 2nd. Second, there is a flat spot in the stock throttle. These are not complaints, just that I like perfection and the GS is oh so close, Lol!

How Hard Is it to Install?
It's very easy if you know anything about the bike. The software is a bit more like a utility than an application but it is generally pretty easy to follow. You simply open the right side triangular panel (remove one screw) and the data port is right there. The rest is plug and play. You download you bike's info to a file and email it to Bren. You then get questions back about the bike. Once gets the questions answered, they email you a MOD file. Once you have the MOD file it's a 35 minute upgrade. You'll need a Torx bit (forgot size), a computer with a USB port and internet. You should watch this video before and during your install:

Riding Impressions:
First thing you notice is that the exhaust is a bit more ruckus. I assume this is because the exhaust valve is opened by the tune. The bike immediately feels more aggressive, there is more power but not a massive increase. The shifting is smoother too. I'm starting to realize that BMW is really not so good at tuning. This is my second BMW that had a bit of a crazy throttle that Bren managed to fix.

If you want to make your BMW into a Super Duke, this won't do it, at least the Stage 1 won't. It will clean up the throttle response of the bike and add a bit more sportiness to the boxer. It will sound cool too, did I mention the double pop when you upshift? The big question is, is it worth it and well, that's your call. But I would say this flash is definitely for the rider that wants that last 5% of perfection out of the bike.


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