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Italy Roadtrip Summer 2007

Starting and finishing point : Thessaloniki (GRE)
Destination : Italy (General)
Reason : Vacation - Visiting friends
No of GS : 1
Distance : 3.625 Km. (without the boat)
Days : 14
Cities : (in visit order ) - Ioannina (GRE), Igoumenitsa (GRE), Venice(IT),
Grado(IT), Triest(IT), Santa de Gianti(IT,toscany), Pisa(IT), Florence(IT),
Otre(IT), Rome(IT), Bolonia(IT), Ferrara(IT), Ancona(IT)

And some images...





Comments : 10 of 14 days it was rainning (you can see in photos) but it was amazing. The road signs of the italians are in italian so you would find some problems (I know that I need a gps).
So many memories, in just 14 days. I think that i want to go back there again. Espesialy in toscany... colorfull,and... What a great country road.

Thanks for your time.

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Yiasou Marnickolas,
Great pics, brings back great memories. My wife and I travelled around greece in 2006 on a crappy 250 trail bike. We saw a few GS and wished we had one. Now we do!! Next time we go over we will hopefully hire one from somewhere. We spend alot of time in Kythera when we go. I have never been to italy and hope to tour more of Europe next time. Ultimately we would like to buy a bike and leave it in Kythera but I have yet to make a million dollars!!

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