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I just finished installing a set of Jesse Odyssey II bags on my 08 R1200GS. This was in conjunction with a Best Rest Super Pillion Plate, and a Mud Sling fender extender.

The Jesse website says that the Odyssey II's aren't yet available for the 12GS, but I was surprised that that was what they sent me. I like the fact that I can adjust the bags fore/aft depending on whether I have a pax or not and the load I'm carrying.

The instructions that came with the Jesse bags are spartan, at best. I'm not much of a mechanic, and I definitely did some head scratching figuring out how everything went together. The rear support, for example, isn't even mentioned in the instructions, yet is an integral part of the process. The biggest frustration was the wiring of the turn signals. I followed the instructions and cut the zip-ties that held the stock wiring bundle together. This was to allow additional length to account for the new bracket for the lights. I ended up having to buy some wire and extend the wire for the left turn signal, as it was simply too short.

As for the Super Pillion Plate, I had to do a fair amount of grinding on the rear shroud in order for the rear bracket hooks would fit. I ended up buying the Dremel cordless Mighty Mite ($20 at Wal Mart) because its slower speeds would gently grind the plastic rather than melt it.

I also had to cut the Mud Sling because the Jesse brackets wouldn't allow the two parts to fit together. That wasn't such a big deal, and used my standard Dremel cutting tool to cut out the slots to make things fit together.

All in all, everything eventually fit together with a small amount of grinding and adjusting. I'm very pleased with the results. If you have any questions about these pieces fitting together, give me a holler.
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