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You don't really describe your riding style, so the recommendations given may or may not be a fit for you. I have two GSAs. My long distance GSA is a sidecar rig that never leaves pavement or well-maintained dirt roads. I have a Russell Day Long for that bike and since day one have never had a complaint. I had the top of the saddle done in light gray so it doesn't fry my butt after lunch stops out west. But my other GSA is a two-wheeler used here in northern New England where 90 percent of our roads are unpaved, and many have been unmaintained for decades leaving them in conditions only high clearance 4WD vehicles dare attempt. For those conditions I find the Russell entirely unsatisfactory as it prevents me from sliding back on tricky downhill sections. Those wings that make it so comfortable on road trips dig painfully into the back of my thighs when standing on the pegs. For that bike I use a Sargent and have been very happy with it.

My advice would be to have a beer and seriously think about how you intend to use the bike before making a purchase.
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