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One of the best mods to my 2010 twin cam GS has been to remove the OE silencer and exhaust flap valve and fit a Lextek OP1L silencer and link pipe.
I first discovered this Chinese made brand in 2014 when I fitted one to a 1050 Triumph Tiger and was very impressed with the quality and price, at least a third of the cost of similar items.
Removing the OE silencer and flap valve saved weight and also removed the slight dip in power between 5-6k rpm which can't be a bad thing.
I know many people turn their noses up to Chinese products but these silencers are a real bargain without compromising quality. I have no connection with the company by the way.

I believe they are now available in the US but not sure about other countries.

Until my post count increases I can't add links to this thread but a internet search should easily throw up details.


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