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Had two get offs Sunday with the new LR bags going up and over 4 peaks, Az. 1st was on rock ledge on a hairpin turn to a 25 degree climb. I stalled the bike when I gave it power thinking I'd made 1st gear, but it was still in 2nd and stalled it. The ledge was not horizontal, but lower on the left side than the right. So when the bike went over to the left, the wheels were actually higher than the tank.

No damage to the left bag. Got the bike home and put it away tired and sore from 8 hours riding in the dirt. Monday morning, got the pressure washer out and just like the video of the LR bags being thrown off that bike onto a dirt road and dragged, no damage whatsoever. Hardly even a light scruff mark can be found on the bag where it took the brunt of the fall. The considerable accumulation of dirt/dust on the bags washed off near instantly, also just like in their video.

Second get off was in deep sand, nothing major. Just picked it up and kept riding. BUT, the rock ledge was comprised of sharp volcanic rock. The CE2 armored jacket kept me from suffering anything more than bruising, the ballistic nylon chaps saved my legs from getting eaten up on the sharp rocks. Put a small nick/ding on the left side of the helmet just above and behind the ear. Sena didn't get dinged.

I'd have been replacing the left Vario bmw case if I'd not changed to these semi rigid soft bags. Thank you LR for offering these bags to consumers. This hypalon material is amazingly abrasion resistant, not sure how other soft bags would have fared on the jagged volcanic rocks. One vario is near 500 to replace, so to my thinking, the money spent on a bag system that can stand up to these get offs like that is a bargain.

A little pricey for some, but not that much more so than other softer bags not made of this hypalon material. IMO, the extra funds spent on these was worth the price in that first get off.



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