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Hi there,

I'm a R1200GSA rider and I'm looking for some like minded riders for some getaways in 2020. I'm not quite sure this is the right area to post, so if you're a mod, feel free to place accordingly.

I've done some really cool trips from the Bay Area, CA to AZ and NV, and I'd like to find a few riders that enjoy similar rides. I'm not a thrasher (only been down in the dirt once, while literally stopped and just fell over lol) so I'm not into the extreme. However, I've taken her up river rock laden fire trails where it's been white knuckles and survived, but in the future, I'd like to detour around things like that. Just saying I can ride, but prefer not to risk death every ride lol. I prefer no hotel style peeps, instead camping wherever there is room for a tent. Wife rides along sometimes too, so couples rides are okay too.

Thanks in advance for any pointers to local (or semi) groups and/or ride sites to stay in the know.


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