I have a set of lightly used MAM Handguards. Were mounted on a 2016 GSA. They should fit any LC GSA. Not sure about anything else.

Excellent condition. All parts are complete. Original box.

$150 plus shipping or pick up around RTP, NC

Can add pics but they look like what is on the MAM webpage. These have the grey insert.

ADVance Guards are uniquely designed with patented multi-functional adjustability that provides high or low coverage to enable riders to adapt to a variety of temperature and weather conditions - without using tools.

Adjustable Wind Protection
ADVance Guard’s height adjustable Sliding Shield and easily removable front Insert permit more or less air flow to adapt to weather conditions.

ADVance Guard’s composite frame material is engineered for resilience against impact, and their unique appearance enhances all motorcycle brands. The front Inserts come in a choice of 6 colors to enhance the appearance of your bike model.

NOTE: ADVance Guards mount to continuous tubular handlebars, 7/8″ or tapered bars. They do not fit multi-piece bars that are cast aluminum with short tubular handlebar assemblies as used on many touring and sport touring models.