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Waiting for my Anakee's to ware out, I was prepared to buy Road 5. Yesterday I found that there is Road 6 now.

Michelin Road 6 and Road 6 GT Motorcycle Tires First Look [8 Fast Facts]

Burn a set of road 5 last summer under 10 000 km. Great tire in the wet, and silent when compare to Anakee 3, but two up and fully loaded, the worn out fast. They were not GT but Trail 5 regular. Change then for Continental Trail Attack 3. Less expensive for about the same quality in the rain, warm up and the ride and quietness. Since I,m mostly ride 2 up the actual set is about 30% worn out. For the price they will be my next set to. My estimation is about 11 000 km for the wear of the actual set,
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