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1998 Valkyrie, 2021 Ninja 1000SX, 2005 R1200GS
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Added another bike to the stable, 05 R1200GS. I rode this bike with the Motorcycle Relief Project, a charity that helps veterans and first responders learn tools to help overcome the mental injuries that come with traumatic events. They take groups of vets on adventure rides for a week while covering all costs. The only thing the vet has to pay for is their way to and from the event. There's off-road training at the start of each day then a full day ride. After dinner, there's a group discussion around the topic of the day and they discuss tools to help overcome things like PTSD and depression. There's no pressure to share your story, struggles or experiences, just opportunities.
This was a life changing experience for me and the 442 other veterans who have participated. MRP is completely run by veterans who volunteer their time and energy for others. The charity only has 1 paid employee, a woman who helps with marketing. Every other dollar goes towards helping veterans.
If you know a veteran who struggles with mental injuries and enjoys life on 2 wheels, please pass this opportunity on to them.
If you wish to help a veteran who struggles with mental injuries, please don't hesitate to donate to share the gift of MRPness with others.
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