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Hello All,

Greeting to everybody. I am a UK and Spain National living in the UK (Surrey). Yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a second hand Rallye TE R1250GS (2019), just out of warranty (which suits me fine) and 11, 000 miles.

I started like most in their teens back in the late seventies with a Honda C50 馃槃 and currently own a standard pristine Yamaha XJ1300 (2012) and now the GS. I have always done my own maintenance because 1, its very interesting to discover and learn the technical intricacies and know how it all fits together and works in harmony. 2, I'm a hopeless perfectionist and someone who doesn't trust even qualified professionals and thinks he can do it better him or herself. Which of course is not always necessarily true! 3, finally its a lot cheaper! Over the years not had one sale refused because I didn't have the manufacturers service history. Once they see the bike condition, receipts, garage/tools and video/pics they are happy.

Now, I need to find out how to post a request for help. Noticed the inlet take on the top of one of the cylinders has a unfamiliar metal clamp (not jubilee clip) which is very loose and don't know if I need a special tool.

Take Care

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Welcome. I posted a link to a video to help you reset the TB clamp.

Doing service yourself can be less expensive than having a "qualified professional" do it. Doing service yourself can also be much more expensive than paying a "qualified professional" to do the work.

Some people were never meant to work with tools and if they try and save a few shekels performing say a valve adjustment and get it wrong well the dealer is going to make a lot more money.

I like to work on my own motorcycles too. The money savings is nice but the therapeutic aspect is more what I'm after.

Anyway, welcome again and enjoy your new bike.


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Welcome Carlos.

I'm in the same camp as yourself and P-14. My bikes will only see the dealer if it's a warranty job. I mostly take my time. Do a little each day after work. No rush. It'll get done, whatever it is.

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Hi there !

Greetings from Malaysia. Pleasure to meet everyone here.

Just picked up the R1250GSA Trophy a few weeks back and did the 1000kms run. After the run-in service last week, took the bike out for a 300kms run and discovered oil leak around the bottom of the left cylinder, thinking it was the oil filter, but didn't seem so. Had oil splatter around the side and center stand and bottom of the engine. Its back with the dealer for detail check. Hope its a wrongly fitted O-ring issue or similar to that and not a major problem. My previous MY2005 GS and MY2009 GSA had absolutely no issues.
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