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no 12v supply to fuel pump?

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Hey guys I have a 2005 r1200gs, i recently bought for a low price as the guy hadn't ridden it for a year and a bit. it turned over though, but had no fuel in it to start.
I got the bike home and couldn't get it started, unless i was using carb cleaner up the air intake.
Injectors were dry, so went to the pump, bypassed the fuel pump controller, still nothing. put 12v to the pump and nothing. got a second hand pump plugged her in thinking all issues are no resolved and... didn't work.
Im not getting 12v from the plug in to the controller.

however, i tried starting the bike again, and when it was cranking over petrol was coming out of the quick connector on the top of the pump.

My question is, shouldn't the pump turn on when i turn the key? as to prime and pressurise the fuel line. and not when the engine in cranking over.

Im going to change the fittings tomorrow, and then try putting some petrol down the fuel line to help prime it.

Any other ideas or input would be greatly appreciated. đź‘Ť
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