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I am trying to reset the service light on my 2022 1250GS, do you know if this one will work? If not, any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
As @bmwbob51 pointed out, you would need that particular software in addition to that particular hardware:
While OBDLink scanners come with both hardware + software, their software cannot communicate w/ BMW motorcycles as something (the protocol if I recall) of the BMW motorcycles is non-standard,
And so you have 2 options I am aware of:
  • GS911
  • OBDLink + that MotoScan software/app, which 'knows'/'speaks' that non-standard BMW motorcycles protocol and also knows how to work with that OBDLink scanner

However, if you go with the OBDLink keep in mind the following:
  • that MotoScan software/app only supports a subset of the OBDLink scanners: the LX (shown in the video above) and the MX+ (which is not to be confused with MX and/or MX-WIFI)
  • that MotoScan software/app has few levels of operation based on the license you purchase (free/professional/some others), and for service reset the cheapest level is 'professional'
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