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May seem simple but not so. I am looking to get all the tools, oil etc., to do my own oil changes here in Japan, as they want 180$ to do an oil change....

The manual recommends:

Castrol GPS SAE 10W-40, API SG / JASO MA
SAE 5W-40, API SF / ACEA A2, or better
SAE 5W-␣50, API SF / ACEA A2, or better
SAE 10W-40, API SF / ACEA A2, or better
SAE 10W-␣50, API SF / ACEA A2, or better
SAE 15W-␣40, API SF / ACEA A2, or better

Synthetic? Semi-synthetic?

I would like to avoid purchasing oil from the dealer (and filter if possible). Which brands do you all recommend? Which weight (summers here are very hot --and humid-, winters relatively mild not getting below 0 Celcius)?

Any advice really appreciated. Do not want to fork out tons of cash for a simple oil change so will be getting all the tools etc. Is there a list out there for necessary tools for the oil change?


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I suggest you go over to Advrider and read through Gspot section....lots of info on oil changes.

My dealer has always recommeded Castrol 20w-50 dino oil.

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Here is a YouTube video of the process and tools:

MAX BMW Garage R1200GS Oil Change - YouTube

I would go with 10w40 myself. The lighter oil circulates through the oil cooler at a higher rate (gallons per minute), so it cools the engine better. Synthetic oil carries slightly more heat to aid in cooling. Synthetic oil also tolerates higher temperatures, but only important if you have problems with overheating your engine.

I just use normal car dino oil in mine (2011). I might switch over to synthetic once the engine stops consuming oil...

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