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I purchased this jacket a few months ago while they were on sale for 99.00. I took the chance I'd like it due to owning an Olympia Ranger II jacket that served perfectly on an 8k mile round trip to the arctic circle and back summer of 2018.

Now that I've worn this Richmond, it will get the spring/summer/fall duty here in Az. Plenty of vents like the Ranger II [ nearly identical ]. The Richmond uses 600 denier throughout with the exception of the shoulders/elbows which is 1000 denier [ the Ranger II is all 1000 denier ] and has the back protector, elbow and shoulder armor.

I've ridden in 45F temps with liner, plenty warm enough. Ridden in 55F and had to take the thermal liner out it was that warm. For warmer weather I'll open all the vents up, wear a cool out long sleeve underneath and be comfortable to at least 100 degrees.

One thing I do note is that it's not completely waterproof like their Ranger II. I can feel some air moving through the vents even when buttoned up [ which I don't notice on the Ranger II. It is likely due to the 600 denier vs. the 1000 denier on the Ranger II. Overall, for a jacket that's been close to the 300.00 mark, paying 99.00 for this jacket was a steal and worthy of consideration.

Anyone else run in a Richmond or Ranger II Olympia? I really like their jackets.

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