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I’ve just returned from my 10th “anniversary” vacation with my wife, Susan. Picking the hottest month during the hottest Summer on record, was not one of our better ideas, however, the date set the time. I’m now looking into either installing a Frigidaire air conditioning on my GS, or riding the S.W. United States only during the winter, spring or fall. Our route guided us from Albuquerque to Flagstaff, to Las Vegas (for a really funny Elvis re-newal ceremony) then on to San Diego. Temps ranged from a semi-crisp 57 in Flagstaff, to 109 in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, well, while not being much for gambling, Suz and I had fun anyway, with our friends that came to help celebrate our vows. Indoor parachuting, good food and drink, and a show or two, made it a fun time for all.

Our ride to San Diego was uneventful, that is, until just past Riverside, Suzy started getting oil sprayed on her left knee from the valve cover of her BMW 650 twin. It was a small spray, which we checked about every 20 miles, as we limped into our Hotel. Ah, the hotel, a surprise for me was that Suz had booked us into the Hotel del Coronado, in a beach front room. Good thing that so much sand was so close at hand, as it made it easy to hide my head into, so I wouldn’t hear how much our room cost us per day. We took her bike up to BMW motorcycle of San Diego the next day, and was told a rubber gasket had failed, which they replaced, good folks. While we waited, we toured a Maritime Museum, Suzy’s house where she grew up in and had some old food at some old restaurant for lunch. After we went back to get and pay for her bike, we came across a motorcycle crash on the freeway. Seems some A-hole lost their 8’ ladder which unfortunately, a Sport Bike rider found...the CHP was there directing traffic while this poor guy was on his hands and knees, looking like, well like he just crashed from running over an UN-secured ladder. Hopefully, there is some good KARMA working for him.

When we finally left San Diego on our way home, we traveled north-east and as the day got hotter, we wound up riding our bikes for a couple of hours in 106 degree heat…oh boy, was that ever refreshing. I had planned for us to make Flagstaff, but between the Sun’s Kryptonite rays and the many crazy Semi driver’s stupid road antics, we decided to stop in Kingman for the night. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites or should I call it Hampton Inn and Feets, as our room smelled like a cross between dirty socks and nicotine. Too tired to change hotels (last available room), we slept the sleep of the motorcycle weary and left early the following morning. I only mentioned this as ever since we left, my feet feel like they have been suffering from an acute case of cigarette withdrawal...odd.

We made it home just before the only rain we came across during our whole trip. And boy did it rain and blow....our neighbors trash cans were sailing down the block, in a mini-cyclone torrent that lasted only a half hour....at least it cooled off the city. - AlbuquerqueAlex
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