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Pannier Handles/Straps....an unnecessary farkle?

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First off, saying “unnecessary” and “farkle” is redundant, I know.

Secondly, I came from the KLR world so I am addicted to unnecessary farkles, mods and accessories.

Lastly, these cool pannier straps/handles are not really needed...but they sure look cool. Kind of. From certain angles. And they were only three for $27 delivered off eBay.

I bought them from China—and they arrived super quickly—but I know Tusk and others have them for a bit more. The quality appears fine.

Will I keep them on the side bags and top case? Likely not. But they sure look cool now... 😎

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If anyone is still looking or interested (I don't have an opinion on the actual practicality of the handles yet for the GS/A, but I do agree with @PerazziMx14 in my experience with other bikes/panniers) I bought these the other day: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BB2H3QVD?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1
$46.98 + tax. Quick delivery. Note! There are 1-pack, 2-pack and 3-pack.

My last two pictures shows the space if you would like to strap something below. It's an estimate, so use the measurement on your own risk :)

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My homemade solution, less than 8$ at REI, sewing of the middle part was made by a local cobbler for a few bucks.
View attachment 29330

4 tri-glide buckles, less than 3' of 1-1/2" strap.
^^^^ This, with this:

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