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I did not invent this tool, and I am no expert on it's use, but it has been used for years and has been a very useful and is a cheap substitute for the twin max or other sync tools. I would not advise trying to do a road test with it. If you search TB sync, carb sync you name it you will find many examples of this tool on advrider.com and how to use it. Maybe someone will add there excellent Gspot post about using twin max on a 1200 GS to this webs 'How to' section. It is really is an outstanding article.
For the 07 GS the idle circuit is done by the bike computer so what you are doing is adjusting are the length of the throttle cables so you get equal vacuum on each side at a set RPM. I suggest you pick a RPM where you do most of your riding since the adjustment will be different at each. I did this to my new 07 with only 300 miles and set it at 3200 rpm
What you will need is:
1. 1/4 inch plastic tubing, it fits perfectly on to the brass vacuum ports.
Home depot sell a 12 foot length for 4 dollars.
2. 3-4 rubber bands to attach tubing to stick.
3. 1 cup water and a drop of food color.
4. yard stick or any thing to attach tubing to.
Find the middle of tubing, mark it and place at bottom of loop. Add food color to a dish filled with water with your mouth suck in about 2 ft of water.
do what ever works to get the water with no air bubbles to the middle. Some use ATF but it sounded to messy and water work fine and NO water won't get sucked into your motor.

From here I suggest you read Jim VonBaden's Post 'R1200 series Throttle Body Sync Pictorial' it won't let you down and has great pictures. Thanks Jim for your hard work.
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