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Yes, there were kittens on the road at the beginning of the video. The guy was actually creeping up on them to get a clearer video when momma made her appearance. Mom made absolutely sure he got pushed surprisingly FAR away from them. The dude stated after that he thought they were bobcats and not
I got bitten by a bobcat kitten on the thumb. I lived in the Angeles Mountains and was heading home. An elderly neighbor flagged me down and asked that I help her remove a kitten from a large plant pot that she could not reach into. Being the neighborly type I went to help. Sure enough, the cutest dusky orange kitten, about fist size, was at the bottom of the pot. It’s a kitten , my brain said, throw caution to the wind. I reached down and grabbed it, about face level all of my biology background starts ticking off identifiers, tufted little ears, short stubby tail, mottled orange coat… I just started to say “hey this is a bobcat ki…” when the little guy bit into my thumb clean down to bone, little teeth were like needles so just nice puncture wounds and another one at the doctors for tetanus. I shook him off and he disappeared into the vegetation, not even a thank you or anything. Mama was probably scoping me out from the underbrush.
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