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Powering CPAP Machine on R1200gs?

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This is my first post so I hope I have chosen the right section!

I do a lot of motorcycle camping on my GS and have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I have a CPAP machine to help me breath at night and wondered if anyone has used one by powering it from their GS?

Any advice on extra cables and plugs would be much appreciated.

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I think you might need to carry an extra battery for it. Starting batteries (as opposed to deep cycle batteries) are meant for short bursts of high current. Motorcycle batteries are sized very small, mostly for weight/size constraints. I doubt that you could run a CPAP overnight from your motorcycle battery and get the bike to start in the morning.

Do you know what the power usage on the machine is? It would be best to figure out how many amp hours you will need, and then size your batteries accordingly.

If you have to add batteries, I would stay away from lead acid, unless you don't mind the weight. Lead acid batteries are easily damaged by discharging them too far, so they have to be about twice the capacity of what you will use in a night. NiCad's actually need to be discharged all of the way to get the most life from them, so they are lighter, and it doesn't matter if you run them flat. I'm not sure about Lithium batteries, but I know that they are the 'latest and greatest'.

I hope this gets you started in the right direction,

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Check this out..Universal Super CPAP Battery Pack C100 - The CPAP People

Google search. Seems to be several ideas. Good luck. Sleep is a beautiful thing.
Have you noticed yet that the CPAP hose is the same size as the large filling-port on modern air mattresses? :D
what sort of machine?

What machine is it?. What Manufacturer?, does it have a humidifier?
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