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About 2 years back, I was riding to work one February morning. A lot of snow on the ground but the day before was warm so I took the bike out. Had it out late so I decided to keep the bike out, go to work the next morning and then put it away since the next day was going to be warm.

It was about 37 degrees in the morning so I figured it was safe. I forgot about the melted snow running across the road. I'm riding along on a road I don't particularly like. Before I know it, I'm on the ground sliding. Didn't even have a chance to react before going right down. Luckily I had lots of gear on to protect me so the bike slid and I slid after it. We were doing about 40-45mph. I got put. No problem no worries, ran over to the bike laying on her side thinking crap this is gonna be a pricey one. I picked her up, gave her a look and said, hmm not to bad nothing broken, just the engine guard all grounded down and some other small scratches.

She started right up and I continued on my merry way. The GS is a champ!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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