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After a couple of slow drops on a rocky section of trails, I confirmed what I'd often read but my back pocket refused to acknowledge, is that the stock GS lower bars are not up to the task. I replaced the lower bars and BMW GSA Enduro bash plate with Outback Motortek lower bars and skid plate. Being tall, my shins love the way Motortek bars are designed, but the skid plate is phenomenally louder that the BMW plate. I do like how the plate bolts to the frame and not the engine, although more protection of the pipes at the font would have been have nice IMO. Howver, the sound is tiring even with ear plugs. Before I ditch the Motortek skid plate, I was considering packing the plate with skid plate foam to dampen the engine reverberations. My concern is there is not a lot of room between the pipes and plate and as the pipes get really hot, whether there is a foam compound strong enough not to melt. I found products that look like they'd do the trick, but not a lot of conversations on sound dampening the GS skid plates. Greatly appreciate if anyone has explored this or could point me to a discussion feed. Thanks in advance.
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