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Skid Plate

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I have a 2012 R1200GS. After changing the oil I was re-installing the skid plate when one of the back screw posts started turning. At first I though the nut had stripped but its turned out to be the post itself. Yes, I was using a torque wrench. Has anyone experienced this and more to the point how to repair it.
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Are you talking about nut #4 ?

If it's the case, the stud is probably turning in the rubber bumper. They are replaceable separately (parts #50)

BMW VIBRATION DAMPER Part # 11117682158
2012 BMW R1200GS
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If that represents your bike correctly, remove the skip plate againg, check the rubber part, there is a metal hex shape close to the motor, simply unscrew it and install the new one.

They are not expensive, change both and be done with it.

Because the bolt shaft is exposed, it can get damaged while riding, run a threading tool to clean it before re-installing the plate. If the thread is damaged, the torque you apply before the nut is seated is damaging the rubber part.
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Thank you very much. This is exactly the issue. Since posting I have removed the skid plate and learned that the screw in the vibration damper (50) was broken. Looks like I will need to remove the rubber damper and and try to unscrew the post itself. Vise grips I'm guessing.
Update & question. I tried to grab the vibration damper and turn it with no success. I didn't want to push too hard for fear of breaking the screw off in the motor. Feels like there are 2 screws. One down to hold the plate and one up into the motor. Correct? Do I need to pull the rubber off to get to the screw?
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That's correct, you can cut/tear the rubber and you'll have access to the hex shaped metal top of the screw and you'll be able to unscrew it with an adjustable wrench.
The top part of the rubber is actually metal, just use a wrench of the correct size.
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Thanks again. the damper has been removed. Its off to the BMW store Tuesday.
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