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I'm getting my bike ready for next season.
GS R1200 k255 2009year 110 000 km (vehicle mileage in kilometers)
I have already replaced the alternator belt which was in very bad condition.

I did the valve adjustment. Replacing the oil filter. Replacing the air filter.
I replaced the spark plugs with iridium ones.
I did the differential lubrication and oil change.
Cleaning and lubrication of bearings.

Finally got to the clutch.
looks dry at first.
The thickness of the clutch lining is 5.7 cm. so it looks ok.
But I'm not sure about the good condition of the spline in the clutch.
Upon closer inspection, I could see a sweaty sealant.

Does anyone have experience diagnosing what needs to be replaced?

Automotive fuel system Light Automotive tire Motor vehicle Auto part

Does this mean replacing the seal?

Calipers Musical instrument accessory Gadget Audio equipment Electronic device

Clutch friction plate thickness

Wheel Rim Circle Bicycle part Auto part

Bicycle part Rim Gear Alloy wheel Circle

Is the clutch disc spline worn?
I have a video of the clicking sound. Clutch disc placed on gearbox spline. I will try to put it.
Similar knocking sound with the engine running. depressing the clutch temporarily stopped the knocking.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Gear

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Wood Rim

Is this discoloration normal?

Sorry for the language but sometimes I still make mistakes.
I will accept any comments.


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Original clutch or does anyone know of replacements that work for him?

As for the seal, I read on the forum that replacement parts leak over time, so I will probably opt for OEM BMW.

is there any way to get the seals in? any simple kit or toolkit replacement? Original BMW tools are out because they are scarce and expensive.

I want to make sure it won't get any worse. it looks easy in the service book and on youtube, but is it?
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