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A number of years ago, returning from an AMA race held at Miller Motorsport in Tooley, Utah, I was almost murdered, at least I think I was. My friend and I were headed down to Moab, on I-50, enjoying the rock formations, when we came upon a slow moving 60's styled Chrysler.

At first I was taken aback, as we were riding pretty slow ourselves to sight-see, yet here was someone traveling at a snails pace, maybe 20-25 mph. Passing wasn't going to happen anytime soon as a convoy of maybe 20 motor homes and cars chose that moment to come up the opposite way. We waited till the coast was clear to pass and did it as quickly as possible, little did I know that this action released the "Krakin." A number of miles down the road, I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed the old Chrysler right on my tail. It was so close I could now see an old guy in a suit behind the wheel eyeing me with an wildly and equally old woman leaning in the passenger seat.

We pulled over to let them pass, and it then that I noticed that the old woman, looked...well dead, long time dead, her head was pressed against the window in a most awkward position, cheeks sunken-in and lips pulled back and eyes staring out into space. After he passed, he slowed down to 25ish again. So we passed him...again, this time at a fast speed to get many miles between us and them. I was doing about 90, when I looked back... and saw the Chrysler hauling coal to catch-up to us.

It was at this point I started to slow and let him by..again, it was then that he pulled over into my lane and tried to force me off the road. I nailed it for real to now get away from this insane a..hole for good. If I could have found a place to pull-off and confront the guy, I would have. He passed by my friend, and driving like a man possessed (which I now think he may have been), the old guy was now pushing that old heap to well over 100. The, up to this point, straight road, now started to curve around rocks and that was where I left him, wondering what his problem was, did I kill his cat in another life or something? Eventually, I did find a place to slow and pull off to wait, and sure enough after a few minutes, this crazy old man came by at a ridiculous speed, his tires screeching from lack of traction. As he went by, the skeleton-y old lady was still stuck in that weird pose. Half expecting him to come back and run me over, I was pleased that he never did.

After getting back with my friend we continued on to Moab looking, but never finding "Gomez and Morticia" in their Chrysler from hell...which was just fine by me.
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