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Valve Cover Guards- 2023 BMW 1250 GSA Installation help

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I apologize if this has been asked prior as I haven't seen any posts addressing this on the forum. When I purchased my bike I picked up these BMW made valve cover Guards set ( BMW valve cover protector set stainless steel R1250GS / GS Adventure (2018-2019) R1250R/RT/RS (2018-2019)) and there were no instructions on how to install them. The actual part # is 77148406187 and the flyer with the parts states "The workshop installation \instructions are available for downloading in ASAP (web portal). Further information can be obtained from the RSD (Repair and Service Data DVD). "
Since it appears that the above sources are dealer only, does anybody else have sources online that show/explain the installation of these covers. I'm aware that there's other covers out there that don't require dismantling my crash bars but want to see about installing these since they're made by BMW for my bike. The parts department I've approached that sold them to me and they stated that's all they have :confused:. Thanks in advance.