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An easy soluon for raising and lowering the windshield. This product replaces the original manual adjustment knob with an electric servo motor, and allows adjustments to be made, even while riding. The motor unit is controlled by an illuminated switch which also features a center AUX buon that can be used for controling auxilliary lights, horn, heated seats, or other features. The height of the windscreen is easily adjustable. This allows for opmal wind, rain, and insect protecon, beer aerodynamics, and the ability to adjust windflow to personal preference. The product is relavely easy to install with the help of our installaon procedure, and is also shown in our video. Some level of mechanical experience is required. The installaon kit is suppleid with the gearbox with long M6 TORX Screw, Safety Red Pin, Universal Switch with 3 illuminated buons, with an addional clip for mounng the switches directly on the handlebar, and a Y ‐ cable set . Made from recycled material with a 3D technology -Ecological.

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