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Anyone else sick if doing winter maintenance?

Here is my done list, I'm so ready to ride:
-Oil and filter change
-ABS pump rebuild
-Remove black electrical tape from over 'brake failure' light and clean residue (most rewarding job)
-Replace fuel disconnects with chrome plated brass ones
-Epoxy fog lamp brackets to prevent further cracks
-Mount new tires
-New front wheel bearings

Anyone got a bigger list?

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I 've slowly working on my 40,000 mile service on the 07 GS

Rear and final drive oil changes
Removed swingarm to inspect/front front u-joint
While the swing arm was off replaced the swingarm pivot bearing
Changed out the fuel fittings
Darkside tire for the rear
General check of fasteners
Replaced alternator belt

Still on the list:

Flush the brakes
Cut out/remove the catalytic converter. Searching for a donor exhaust.

Then onto the 06 GS w/ 20,000 miles on it

Want too check/lube the u-joints and splines. robably replace the pivot bearings as well. Not that they will be bad but if I'm goin in knuckle deep might as well do it so I know its done.

Yearly flushing of he servo brakes
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