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There are times that an idea so simple comes along that you say that to your self,---- and self says back---pull your head out & think "outside the box"

#1--ever have tiny parts,screws, nuts, bolts, carb jets, parts so small you just know your going to lose them in the parts washer or carb cleaner solvent can ?
Answer:---- Go to a KITCHEN supply store,you know the one your wife drags you to because she wants to look at new pots,pans.knives,coffee makers & waffle irons. There, in the section of TEA POTS you will find "TEA BALLS", small screen balls that you put tea leaves into brew tea. these ball open in half & close to keep the leaves from contaminating the tea cup.--They are great for putting extra small parts in then dunking into the cleaning solution.
Haven't lost a nut,bolt or carb jet yet.--------AND speaking of cab jets----------

#2---all jets have a hole that some times become plugged & air pressure wont clear then (besides the fear that air pressure will blow it out of your hand & into the yard to be lost forever) so head over to the WELDING supply store & pick up a CUTTING TORCH TIP cleaning kit. It will have a set if cleaning files as small as a human hair, great for removing debris & varnish from carb jets, while you're at it get a set of drill bits for torch cleaning. it will look like a small screwdriver w/a screw-off head containing an assortment smaller than human hair drill bits, which can also be used to drill a hole in the thumbnail to relive the pressure of a blood blister under the nail after a missed hammer blow---(Voice of experience)---------

Now I know you have a secret trick you learned through trial & error so SHARE and make life more tolerable for us "Garage Rats" that spend time in a labor of love.

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