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Hello All,
I'm new to this forum and new to my bike (2012 Rallye edition). Several years back when I bought a 2007 f650gs, I spent way too much time putting together a comprehensive tool roll for the bike.
I learned 2 valuable lessons: First, after adding up the time spent on it, my time is worth more than $1.85/hour; Second, popular brand names with lifetime warranties aren't made like (or where) they used to and will break. I knew their computer chip manufacturing is world class, but I was surprised to learn that Taiwan has some of the best tool foundries in the world.

I bought my 1200gs about a month ago. After looking at several tool kits, I purchased the SBV set. The quality and time savings more than justify the price. Here's a link to an article covering these tools: Review / SBV Tools - Strong, Innovative, Compact - Adventure Rider (advrider.com)

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Thank you all for this forum! I'm thankful for the knowledgebase.
Having bought tools piecemeal over the past four weeks for my new-to-me R1200GS Rally (too), I agree that my time is/was worth more than what I may have saved.
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